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Fair Organization

Are you interested in a Fair Organization? Contact us to find Tents for Events

At Evan Group, we are a professional event planning company that can help you organize any type of event. Are you trying to organize a fair? Whether it's a trade show, a festival or another type of event, at Evan Group we can help you. We have organized more than 3,000 events in the last 30 years. Our company is special. Why? We are a group of companies that work together to create the perfect event organization team. We have professionals in almost every field you can imagine, and we can put together the perfect event for you.


Did you know that we make custom tents for some of our clients? If you have an event that is going to be inside or outside and requires a tent, please tell us more about the situation. We will design a marquee that perfectly fits the space and makes it easy for you to interact with your guests. We can put together audiovisual presentations, graphic design illustrations, gift bags and much more. We are focused on making your event perfect from start to finish.


We know that you may want to hand out brochures, flyers or other items to people who come to your event. Let our professional events team take care of everything for you. They'll help set up, break down, and put together the perfect event space for your special day.


If you're looking for a trade show organizer, give us a call today on +34951 20 45 62. We're happy to help you with your next big event and we want to make sure you're happy with the results. Get in touch so we can start putting together the plan for your event. Give us a call and we'll get back to you soon to discuss the costs associated with your event, as well as the time it takes to put it together.

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